80th Birthday Gifts

Marking an occasion as important as an 80th birthday represents an opportunity to recognise the huge impact that someone with all those years of experience has had on the lives of loved ones. It’s great time for all the family and friends to get together and really celebrate such a big milestone in that special someone’s life.

Newspaper_BookSo when it comes to getting the perfect gift that reflects the importance of the occasion you really want to get it right. Memorable Moments newspaper from the day you were born is great way to present a beautifully hand crafted and personalised keepsake from the whole family.

The newspaper book is hand-bound in Kennys Bindery of Galway and includes a full edition of the newspaper from the day you were born as well as a collection of the major news events from that decade. Each book is individually personalised with the recipient’s name and date of birth embossed in gold on the cover with option to provide a birthday message on the inside cover page also included free of charge.

Memorable Moments also offers framed newspaper pages from any date going back to 1900. Each newspaper page is placed in an elegant silver framed with a black mount creating a fascinating presentation worthy of an 80th birthday celebration.

You can even include a personal message that will be printed directly onto the newspaper page just about the masthead to really mark the occasion.

80th Birthday Book

If you would like more information you can see our full range of 80th birthday gifts here at www.memorablemoments.co.uk or call us on 020 336 88106.